Red Bull Unfiltered x RIN

I used to hate my voice


German rap golden child RIN lets his mind race about his creative process, his stylistic confidence and the role of friendship throughout his rise to fame, among other things. Enjoy the second episode of Unfiltered, a short doc format we developed and shot for Red Bull Music.

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Directed by Heinrich Matis

Based on an Interview by Jan Wehn

Director of Photography: Henk Otte

2nd Camera LA: Brownshootta

Gaffer: Luke Sullivan

Best Boy: Ilan Sprafke

Set Design: Katharina Soltkahn

Edit: Peter Schulz

Animation & VFX Artist: Deveroe

Colorist: Timm Kröger

Sound Design: Alexis Troy

Production: Lidia Weinstein

H&M: Klara Stark


Graefestraße 71 in 10967 Berlin Kreuzberg