Patreon Artist Portrait Hainbach

“Hell of a trip”


Patreon redefines the way creativity is valued. By connecting creators and supporters worldwide, Patreon doesn’t simply guarantee a steady income for artists. The platform enables artistic freedom and co-creation for a next level of shared economy on the internet. To highlight their service and make it more tangible for future users, we created a series of artist portraits. Our favorite? Berlin based electronic music wizard Hainbach. "One hell of a trip" is the in-a-nutshell-description by THE WIRE. We call Hainbachs crazy, surprising, yet harmonic sound landscapes electronic-music-nerd-heaven.

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Concept & Creative Execution: Glutamat


Graefestraße 71 in 10967 Berlin Kreuzberg


Riedlstraße 6 in 80538 München