Nike – Helden

Du tust es nie nur für dich


Client: Nike

Focus: Creation & Production, Video & Photo Production, Editorial & Interview

"You never do it just for you" is a content journey that we developed and produced for the instagram channel of @nikeberlin.

For the boxer and Nike athlete Zeina Nassar we have arranged very special training sessions in these videos.

She meets the creative exceptional talent and singer Balbina and the German model Stefanie Giesinger.

Together they train and explore what sport means to them, what sport has done to them and where it supports them.

Sport is a community builder and drives us and never leaves us alone.

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Stefanie Giesinger

Zeina Nassar


Photographer: Jan Kapitän

DOP: René Gorski

Hair & Make-up: Chrissie Moissl, Sven Bensemann

Postproduction: Jakob Kienzerle

Creative Lead: Mara Leibrock

Regie: Sören Reincke

Production: Lea Böhm

Assistant: Max Werner, Manuel Tesler


Graefestraße 71 in 10967 Berlin Kreuzberg