– Real Men

What does it mean to be a man these days?


Client: Condé Nast,

Focus: Concept, Creative Direction, Production

Gender roles change profoundly and so do men. This video series explores different approaches of becoming and being a man today - and challenges outworn cliches.

Rapper Kelvyn Colt talks about machismo in rap, FC Bayern star Serge Gnabry explores the advantages of emotional openness in pro soccer, Designer and Influencer Justin O’Shea explains how becoming a father changed his perspective on manhood, trans man and model Ben Melzer gave insights on the physical aspects of becoming a man and actor Clemens Schick challenges the vulgarity of patriarchy.

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Creative Direction: Michal Tesler

Concept & Editorial: Franziska Müller von der Ahé

DOP: Nicola Powell

Producer: Annabell Etzel

Sound: Marlon Beat


Graefestraße 71 in 10967 Berlin Kreuzberg