BettaF!sh Campaign Shooting

No fish is better fish


Tastes good. Does good. Not only vegans waited for this for quite a while. Bettaf!sh cares for our seas. Their TU-NAH tastes and looks just like tuna, but is 100% plant-based and high in protein. A sustainable alternative to fishing. And a lot of fun munching, combining and sharing with friends. We tested every bit of the product range and captured it for social and out of home assets. Taste you can see - NAH?!

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Creative Production: Sören Reincke, Nora Gottschalk, Theresa Böhm

Fotograf: Philipp Gladsome

H&M: Klara Stark

Styling: Ridvan Cavus

Food-Styling: Caroline Franke


Graefestraße 71 in 10967 Berlin Kreuzberg


Riedlstraße 6 in 80538 München